History of St Andrew's

Trinity Church Priestgate1861 – Trinity Church was founded in Priestgate as a Congregational church

1940s – Links developed with the local Presbyterians

1948 – Trinity Presbyterian & Congregational Church

1970 – Under the leadership of Ernest Brittain, the church decided its mission would be better promoted by building a new church in the suburban location of Netherton, Peterborough

1972, October 5th – The United Reformed Church was
formed when the Presbyterian and Congregational
churches in England formally came together

1972, December 2nd – St Andrew’s was one of the first new church buildings to be dedicated as a United Reformed Church

Ministers at St Andrew's:
1972 - 1982 - Ernest Brittain
1983 - 1996 - Norman George
1996 - 2013 - David Miller
2014 - August 2019 - John Filsak

Ledbury Road