Leadership Teams

The Leadership Team consists of:

  • The elders (below)
  • The Finance and Fabric Team
  • The Pastoral Care Team
  • The Church in the World group
  • Other teams which exist for specific purposes

 Allyson Darling

Allyson Darling - Elder

Ian Darling

Ian Darling  - Elder & Treasurer

 Colin Jeffries - Church Secretary

Colin Jeffries - Elder & Church Secretary

Jean Jeffries

Jean Jeffries - Elder

 Maggie Kirkbride

Maggie Kirkbride - Elder

Philip Laws

Philip Laws - Elder

 Yvonne Laws

Yvonne Laws - Elder

David Simms

David Simms - Elder

 Andrew Spillett

Andrew Spillett - Elder & Hall Bookings Secretary

Leah Wootton-Stamper

Leah Wootton-Stamper - Elder

Elders are elected by the congregation and are ordained for life. They may serve for a period of 3-6 years at a time. The Church Secretary, Treasurer and Planned Giving Secretary are elected annually.

The elders work with the minister to lead the congregation both spiritually and practically.

There is a church meeting four times a year. All leadership teams report to the church meeting and may bring recommendations for the congregation to decide upon. The whole church membership is entitled to take part in the major decisions of church life and work.

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